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Charity Concerts

About Us:

Paul Burton Productions stage professional concerts and shows in aid of charity. Since 2015, we have produced 26 productions and a total of 30 performances at venues in London, Derby, Sheringham, Leicester, Eastbourne and Yeovil. In doing so, we have raised over £11,200 for charity, with Acting for Others, LOROS, Marie Curie UK and the Royal Variety Charity all benefiting in the process.

Paul Burton Productions are best known for staging the popular Sunday at the Musicals concerts. To date, there have been a total of 12 versions and 13 performances. The productions have been presented at The Hippodrome Casino, St. James Theatre (now known as The Other Palace), Phoenix Arts Club, The Actors' Church in London and the Leicester Haymarket Theatre in Leicester. The performers who have appeared in these concerts include: Sam Bailey, Bronte Barbe‏, Isobel Bates, Annalene Beechey, David Benson, Amelle Berrabah, Charlie Bull, Christopher Biggins, Michelle Bishop, Tsemaye Bob-Egbe, Helena Blackman, Norman Bowman, Meredith Braun, Colin Burnicle, Nicola Bryan, Wendy Carr, Danielle Carson, Beth Clarence, Classical Reflection, Lucyelle Cliffe, Stephanie Clift, Joanne Clifton, Cassie Compton, Anita Louise Combe, Brian Conley, Bridget Costello, Amanda Coutts, Maria Coyne, Matthew Croke, Darren Day, Caroline Dennis, Jason Denton, Samantha Dorsey, Brenda Edwards, Kerry Ellis, Nicola Espallardo, Grace Farrell, Alice Fearn, Aimee Fisher, Rosemarie Ford, Lori Haley Fox, Gabriela Garcia, Leanne Garretty, Jenny Gayner, Rebecca Gilliland, Ed Handoll, Catherine Hannay, Jack Harrison-Cooper, Matt Henry, Jennifer Hepburn, Hettie Hobbs, Aimee Hodnett, Laurie Holloway, Tash Holway, Christopher Howell, Liz Izen, Charlotte Jaconelli, Cassidy Janson, Claudia Kariuki, Maria Kesselman, Joanna Kirkland, Rebecca Lafferty, Hannah-Grace Lawson, Alex Lodge, Rebekah Lowings, Maggie Lynne, Shona Lindsay, Sinead Long, Carolyn Maitland, Amy Manford, Jessica Martin, Karen Mav, Hugh Maynard, Luke McCall, Ella McCready, Anna McGarahan, Sarah O'Connor, Louise Olley, Hilary O'Neil, Mira Ormala, Ciara Power, Lucy Penrose, Laura Pick, Shakira Rattray, Sophie Reeves, Richard and Adam, Amy Ross, Elena Skye, Faryl Smith, Rachel Stanley, Joshua Steele, Charlotte Anne Steen, Hannay Taylor, Samantha Thomas, Carly Thoms, Poppy Tierney, Natasha Veselinovic, Marti Webb, Rebecca Wheatley, Shona White, Pippa Winslow, Alex Young, Monique Young and Sarah-Louise Young.

Our other concerts have included Marti Webb in Concert, which was staged at the Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch, Octagon Theatre, Yeovil, and at The Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne. We also staged two sell-out performances of Musicals and Beyond, which featured Helena Blackman (A Spoonful of Sherman) and Amanda Coutts (We Will Rock You), at Above the Arts (part of the Arts Theatre) in London. We also presented a concert called A Tribute to the Musicals at PizzaExpress (Holborn) in London.

This autumn, Paul Burton Productions are returning to the Phoenix Arts Club in London's West End to stage four new versions of Sunday at the Musicals to raise funds for Acting for Others.

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